Saving traditions, one warp at a time…

Macedonian Weaving

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Добро дојдовmе!
Welcome to the ‘Macedonian weaving’ website.

Macedonia, like almost all countries in the world, has a long tradition of making woven cloth. From clipping the sheep and goats, washing and carding the fleeces, spinning, warping and finally weaving, I marvel at how we can take the hair of an animal and turn it into a wearable garment with buttons and zips.

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Macedonia, like Sweden, South America, Africa and around the Pacific (to name only a few), has a distinct weaving style with regional patterns and techniques all its own. It is the bold geometric patterns that most interest me about macedonian weaving.

For those of you new to this style of weaving, I hope you learn something new and different that you didn’t know before. For those of you who are familiar, please enjoy seeing the wonderful work from Macedonian women that you may share a heritage with.

I hope you enjoy this site. It is intended to keep these wonderful skills visible for future generations to learn about those clever — and patient — folk that went before us.

If you would like to add any information or images, or wish to correct any information, please contact me by email.

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The women’s collective. Photo courtesy of the Ethnological Department of the Museum of Macedonia

All photos belong to Ali and Vlado Damjanovski except where I have acknowledged the copyright holder.